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How to invest in gold

Methods through which you can begin to Invest in gold bullion

Gold is the only investment vehicle that is immune to inflation. This means that it will survive any economic condition. As a matter of fact, gold has increased in value by over 3005 in the last ten years. As such, it is a solid vehicle in which to make your investments. Investing in gold bullion is a great investment decision. You can invest solely in gold bullion, as part of your investment portfolio, or as a 401k gold IRA rollover to help you invest for your future.

When you invest in gold, you purchase large tranches of gold known as bullion. This bullion can be in form of bars or coins. If you choose to invest in bullion coins, you can buy the British Sovereign, American Golden Eagle, the South African Krugerrand or the Canadian Maple Leaf. These are also considered legal tender. Thus, they can be exchanged for goods and services in many countries and jurisdictions in the world.
The great thing about gold is that it increases in value when other forms of investment for example stocks fall in value. As such, gold is best seen as a long term investment. It is best to buy the gold bullion when there is a temporary dip in the prices. When the prices rise again, you can use the profit to increase your gold bullion holding. You can invest in gold through a variety of vehicles.

You can buy physical gold bullion and store it yourself. You can also have a professional gold storage company store it for you. Another option is to buy into gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These are funds that are in the business of tracking the value of gold. Examples of these are Streettracks Gold Shares and Gold Bullion Securities.

When you invest in gold ETFs, you are expected to pay between 0.4% and 0.5% in administration fees. You can also invest in gold certificates provided by the Perth Mint Certificate Programme in perth, Australia. These give you the right over investment grade gold stored in the Perth Mint.

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