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Published on April 13th, 2016 | by EFH999


The Best Concerts of 2015

My Favourite Concerts of 2015

Almost every real stage in Syracuse this year was commanded by powerhouse exhibitions from female vocalists. Jazz Fest combined new and old eras of profound voices. The new amphitheater welcomed one of nation’s most blazing stars to dedicate its stage. The Landmark Theater facilitated one of the best artists in rock ‘n roll. Crouse Hinds Theater brought the sisters of famous woman rock bunch Heart to Syracuse. Yes, it was the year of the overwhelming hitting artist in 2015.

Not withstanding the sprinkling of awesome vocalists there were a modest bunch of other great, spotlight-taking shows this year. Here, as I would see it, are 5 of the best concerts of 2015:

1. Umphrey’s McGee

Landmark Theater Feb. 20, 2015

The six-piece, percussion substantial jam band has turned into a most loved on the live, improvisational circuit and began off the year at the Landmark with an animating mass of sound. They’re perplexing and capable and demonstrated why they could present a genuine defense as the torchbearers for the brand of jam-rock spearheaded by the Grateful Dead.

2. Billy Joel

Carrier Dome March 20, 2015

In a standout among the most-built up shows of the spring, the Piano Man came back to the Carrier Dome for the seventh time – an occasion set apart by a to some degree cumbersome presentation of a “No. 7” pullover in the opening minutes of the show. Joel, be that as it may, put on a marathon of hits, peppered with appeal and cleverness in Syracuse’s greatest coliseum. I can only thank my boss for buying tickets for us all to see this (he thought going to a concert would improve our productivity), as I had an absolutely fantastic time. To be fair, he did read it in inc.com though…

3. The Wood Brothers

Westcott TheaterApril 10, 2015

One of my most loved shows of 2015 was one I didn’t audit, yet rather went to as a fan. The Wood Brothers conveyed their image of dusty Americana toward the Westcott Theater with opener Willie Watson in mid-spring this year. Before a stuffed, sweat-soaked theater, they showcased a mix of songwriting slashes and stage vicinity that is elusive among folksters.

4. Primus

Landmark TheatreApril 21, 2015

Here’s a demonstrate that probable slipped underneath a great many people’s radar. The Les Claypool-drove bizarrist rock bunch brought its dim, wound “Primus and the Chocolate Factory” generation to the Landmark in what was a standout among the most entrancing scenes of the year. Probably not a concert you’d want to take the kids out to though!

5. Heart

Crouse Hinds Theater June 30, 2015

The Wilson sisters – Ann and Nancy – demonstrated imperishable as they spat fire with each shred of state of mind that made them symbols in the 1970s. They were exemplary rock ‘n move at its finest, notwithstanding doing genuine support of a modest bunch of Led Zeppelin tunes.

So there you have it. As for what will be the best concerts in 2016, so far we can only speculate and guess, but don’t worry, I’ll be back with a list of my favorites next year!

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