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Fire safety risks to your business

Assessing fire safety risks to your business


Fire safety Possibly the cornerstone of fire safety in the workplace is what’s known as a fire assessment, which is a method of determining precisely what hazards may be present, the systems that may presently be in place, and also any further action that might be required.

It is essential to be certain that fire safety products and installations are in position to take care of any fire risks that may be present in your premises. Such equipment is vital in ensuring the protection of your workforce along with ongoing smooth operating of your company.

One popular solution in the fire security market is the Dry rising fire main. Yet, dry riser maintenance in many cases is overlooked, with a lot of people not even realizing that they’re actually there, let alone their particular importance. The purpose of a dry rising fire main is to be sure that the fire service are able to get access to a water supply on all floors of the property by way of the outlets. Water can be pumped into the system from ground level, with the fire service able to swiftly connect their hoses to the outlets nearest to the fire.

Such systems are an excellent method of fire protection in larger, multi-level buildings in which getting to a water supply may be difficult. Nonetheless, they are often vulnerable to criminal damage and neglect, and in the worse case scenario might not even work if needed. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to look at dry riser systems regularly in order to ensure they’re in working order.

Within a smaller sized premises you would generally rely upon portable fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, since you might not have a dry rising fire main present.

Even though it’s not their direct responsibility, advice on work place fire and safety can nevertheless be obtained from the fire brigade, whom tend to be only too happy to visit your premises and help out. In order to improve your knowledge of fire safety there’s also countless online resources as well as a variety of pamphlets which are available from local libraries and government buildings.

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